Advisory services

Our team consists of experienced and expert trust officers who will together with you find the solution that is best for you.

In this, we can benefit – if required – from our large network of domestic and foreign tax experts and lawyers and will be happy to cooperate with the external experts preferred by you.

Succession planning

Succession planning has many facets and requires careful preparation. To ensure that everything is regulated to your benefit in the best possible way, we advise and support you in the implementation of succession planning and asset protection and will support you in the formation of foundations and trusts and other domestic and foreign legal entities.

Asset protection

By way of suitable structuring, Liechtenstein law makes it possible to protect assets from access by unauthorised third parties. We are happy to support you in organising the structure fitting your needs, and if required, can offer you our large network of expert for selection in the context of cross-border situations.

In addition, we are happy to assist you in the selection of banks and asset managers fitting your needs in Liechtenstein and abroad.

Tax planning

In particular also for the next generation or with regard to an impending movement of residence, tax planning in advance is well-advised (key word: discretionary structuring of foundation by-laws). As a result of the variety of and constant changes to foreign tax legislation, and in order to find the best possible solution for the client and the client’s circumstances, cooperation with a tax advisor specialising in the jurisdiction in question is certainly necessary in this context.

If required, you will benefit from our large network of domestic and foreign experts.

Company succession

Our experience shows that frictionless company succession requires careful planning. In particular where there are several descendants and not all of them want to take part in the family enterprise, considering a foundation or establishment may be advisable. Contributing a family enterprise in a foundation or an establishment is often a good solution to succession problems. For example, it can be laid down in the articles that the family enterprise must not be sold, which would not be possible if the shares in the family enterprise were passed on to the descendants directly. Furthermore, the structure’s bodies may take care of the professional direction of the enterprise on the management side by supervising the competent persons, while the financial wishes of descendants may be handled entirely separately from the management question through the distribution of profits.

We will be happy to assist you in finding the best possible solution for you, working together with interdisciplinary external experts in Liechtenstein and abroad.

Family office / holding structures

More and more families want to receive professional assistance in financial matters. Depending on the amount of wealth involved, a single family office may be advisable, since this can provide a substantial foundation for preserving and increasing the assets. . At the same time, the family has the best possible control of the assets.

As a result of our long-standing work, we have a lot of experience in structuring and building family offices and holding structures. Do not hesitate to contact us!